S-Frakt i Växjö

About S-Frakt

We are a company specialized in heavy and oversize transports. As a small company we believe in a close relation with our customers. We believe this is necessary to understand their needs and for us to provide best possible service and quality. We always aim to find the best transport solution for our customers regarding economy, safety and environment! To do this we offer following services:


With our fleet of 9 trucks and 15 trailers we perform transports of goods up to 35 m long, up to 4.30 high under 4.50 m bridges and as wide as the roads allow. We keep our fleet in high standard and we are proud over our very competent and experienced drivers and co-workers.


When our capacity is not enough or not suitable, we offer solutions where we work with known and reliable contacts all over Europe. This means we can offer solutions on road, on rail and on sea.

Permits & escorts

We provide permits for heavy and oversize transports for all of Europe. With reliable contacts we assure that transports can be performed in accordance with all laws and regulations. When escort is required we arrange for the most cost-efficient solution.